Welcome to Northeast Savannah!

Located just 12 miles north of Boston, our TICA-registered cattery is home to our Savannah queens and a Savannah stud. Belle, our silver girl, is a black-nosed F5 SBT Savannah. London, Dylan and Chloe are our golden girls!  Prinz, our resident stud, is an F5 SBT Savannah. 

Our small, in-home program produces SBT Savannah kittens. 

Our mission is to breed kittens of the highest quality; healthy kittens with the physical traits and personality outlined in the TICA Savannah Breed Standard (see pdf). All of our kittens are the product of pure Savannah-to-Savannah matings. 


The size of our breeding program allows for in-home operation. All of our cats and kittens live in our house with us and are played with daily. This ensures all kittens are highly socialized by the time they reach their new home. 

Our queens and our stud are truly a part of our family; we treat them just as we treat our own pet cats. They have access to plenty of different toys and cat trees, and they love to explore the outdoors—we often take them outside for walks (only with a harness and leash, of course).








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We are proud of Northeast Seryngeti for achiveing Supreme Grand Champion in TICA.  That is the highest level that can be achieved and he did so in a very short time!  Thanks to Mary and Michael, his owners, for showing him!